Episode 6 - Full Frontal Prismatic

Image credit: Kelsey Showalter 

In this week's episode we discover that Holly is so fancy, Nyx is so Louise, and Theia is so in love with the King of Wands from our deck of the week! We also delve into what to do when we aren’t connecting with meanings from books and confront the real question of whether these dog lovers will unintentionally influence a reading when one querent has a dog related question! 

Deck of the week: Prismatic Tarot

Books mentioned: 

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings by Brigit Esselmont
The Book of Tarot: A Guide for Modern Mystics by Danielle Noel
Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova

Decks mentioned:
Everyday Witch (as per usual)
Pixie's Astonishing Lenormand 


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